What We Can Do

Here at Bohr Industries we offer a full range of services from the initial idea through through to development and production to bring the idea to life.


With over 40 years experience in many industries from retail to mineral resources, we can develop a new idea or concept to solve your problem.


Specialist equipment and experience are required to professionally develop the idea and concept into a real life product.


With a track proven track record of production engineering and producing mass production ready product, we can help you.


Want to take your product to market? We can help get your product into the market with pre-orders and off to a flying start.


Style In Our Designs

Our recent Smart Ice Maker developed for Kelvin12 is a great example of modern style and efficiency in a new product idea. The Kelvin12 ice maker was developed over 6 months from an idea to a production ready prototype including patents, the design incorporated all client requirements and we were able to add in a few additions to make the product even smarter.

Producing Powerful Products

The HelicV6 wind turbine was one of the first products Bohr Industries designed and produced to commercialization over 2015/18. During the process Bohr created over 20 blade designs and 4 wind turbine styles completing over 6 months of efficiency simulations and modeling before producing the first production of retail ready wind turbines.


Creating Solutions

"Almost every great product is creating a solution to a problem"

Clients Love Our Work

Collaborate With Us

Collaborate with Bohr Industries to develop you product and provide upside to your idea or organisation and make a difference.

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